There is some climbing to do – there is some work to do! There are some kilometers to travel! You are going to earn your smiles! You will have a terrific sense of achievement! There are some sustained hills that most riders will want to walk sections – and that is ok!!

The fitter you are the more you will enjoy the trip – however if you take your time almost all recreational bikers comfortable on grade 3 tracks will love this trip. For example Rogers Hut to River Rd is approximately 2.5 – 3 hours of actual riding but we like to take 5-6 hours to do it!

Its an experience – not a race!

Please remember this is an adventure – take it slowly, stop often and have one of the best riders at the back. So now that you’ve got that – this is a grade 3 track with a few short more technical places that can be walked. There are certainly a few places where you need to take special care e.g. alongside drop offs, but they are easily negotiated. There maybe the occasional tree across the track – these are the things that make this an adventure and add to the fun!

YES YES YES!! Any good bike shop can check and service your bike. Bike Culture in Rotorua are very familiar with this track and can check your bike for you and make sure that you have all the equipment that you need too.

There are places where we can land the helicopter – mostly at hut sites. However there will be a significant additional expense to fly you out.

YES! New Zealand bush is fantastic when it is raining or has been raining Just be prepared – waterproof coat and leggings and a dry change of clothes.

We may be able to land you at a different location – we can discuss this with you on the day if necessary.

If we are unable fly at all, and you are unable to reschedule to a time that suits, then we can still shuttle you in to Okahu Rd and you can still ride the beautiful Mt Moerangi track and we can still collect you from River Rd. If this does happen you will unfortunately miss out on the helicopter ride and we will make a refund because of this. However you will STILL have an amazing experience!!

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